Langa Youth Hub


Ms. C. Collins-Viljoen & Ms. L. Mkiva
Cnr. Bhunga & Haarlem Avenue, Langa
021 694 1860

021 694 1860

About Langa Youth Hub

Youth Hubs offer a variety of services to the young people. They are designed to provide a safe hub where they can empower themselves and develop their life skills.

Youth Hubs are centrally located so that you can access all our services. Feel free to visit them to get access to services, to gain opportunities and support that will enhance your development into a valuable mem­ber of society.

How we can help you:

  • Writing of CV;
  • Finding internship, job and bursary opportunities;
  • Job readiness through our workshops;
  • Finding help with substance abuse;
  • Personal problems through our teen/adolescent and gender empowerment programmes; and
  • Help you if you have conflict with the law.