Code Of Conduct

These guidelines apply to all activities related to the George Youth Café, whether implemented by staff, partners, participants or volunteers of the Youth Café.


Respect is to be shown to every individual, regardless of gender, age, religion, sexuality, ethnicity or political affiliation. Any and every form of mental or physical violence is not tolerated. Likewise the purchase of sexual services, the use of illegal drugs, and the misuse of alcohol are unacceptable.


All those working under the auspices of the Youth Café are expected to familiarize themselves with the different cultures of the youth that visits the Youth Café, including their religion and its observance, and to show full respect through their behaviour and their manner of dress.


Those working under the auspices of the George Youth Café are expected to familiarize themselves with the local security situation, and to follow the crisis plan of their management team in case of a crisis or accident.


Consideration is to be given to the environmental consequences of all activities; wherever possible, environmentally sustainable solutions are to be preferred.


Corruption is never to be encouraged – whether through accepting personal services or favours, or offering these to suppliers, civil servants or others. Project means are to be correctly employed; misuse will not be tolerated.


All participants, partners, volunteers and staff of the Suff Academy are responsible, through their work, for maintaining and promoting confidence and good will towards the Youth Cafe. It is their responsibility to ensure that the methods employed and the activities implemented are in accordance with the basic values and principles of the Youth Cafe.

I will obey all legal and fare instructions from the Suff Academy, Youth Café and partners. I’m also aware that I may not be granted access to the Youth Café if I fail to cooperate, misbehaves or disobeys any of the rules of the Youth Cafe.

Youth Café Indemnity

Either with an affixed signature or by personal security code scanning at check-in, I acknowledge that I enter the Youth Café premises at my own risk.

The programme organisers, facilitators and all staff members will do everything reasonable to ensure my safety and belongings placed in their care.

I agree to participate in all activities during training sessions. Although I understand that every possible care is taken to ensure my safety, I am aware that attendance is at my own risk. I indemnify herewith and won’t keep YOUTH CAFÉ or any of its management, facilitators, leaders, employees, members, directors or sub-contractors responsible for any claim or accountability that might arise from any injuries or loss of property, whatever the circumstances or origin.